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How to Thrive in 2021

Kirk Kordeleski, Lewis, Excutive Benefits Consultant OM Financial

Thursday, July 9, 2020 - 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time

Kirk Kordeleski, Executive Benefit Consultant at OM Financial Group, Previously CEO of Bethpage FCU ($9B in assets), Founder and Advisor to FinTech’s and Managing Partner of a CU Strategy and Digital Consulting Firm will present a webinar on How to Thrive in 2021.

Kirk will explore the disruption and confusion in the retail banking world that credit unions are currently operating in and will share what retail banking strategies will likely be successful in 2021. He will detail how Bethpage FCU navigated through 3 historic systemic economic shocks (9/11, Super Storm Sandy and the Great Recession). Outlining the strategic, financial and cultural strategies that created extraordinary member value, financial performance and how the credit union doubled its growth every 5 years while facing “once in a life time” obstacles to performance!

In addition, Kordeleski will present industry data on how credit unions have created a safe harbor in the perfect storm of COVID, the recession, social unrest and digital transformation. Some of these strategies have worked during previous disruptions while others are specific to the extraordinary times that we are living in. Kirk will touch on the following:

  • Creating a center of gravity for extraordinary performance

  • Foundational strategies for sustained growth during downturns

  • What to invest in during downturns and where to cut costs

  • The key aspects of how the 4th generation of industrial revolution, digital and data, will drive 2021 performance and member service

  • The potential for credit union mergers

  • Learning in a time of disruption

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Emerging Stronger

Amy Downs, President/CEO, Allegiance Credit Union

Wednesday, July 15, 2020 - 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time

Amy Downs survived a bomb exploding in the building of the credit union where she was working, which killed 168 people, including 18 of her 33 co-workers. Amy fell three stories and was buried alive for over six hours.

She embraced her second chance at life by adopting a growth mindset, and over the past 25 years has transformed from a college drop-out to obtaining her MBA, from a teller to CEO, from 355lbs to becoming an Ironman Finisher.

Today, Amy is President and CEO of the same credit union which was nearly destroyed. Rather than being taken down by that catastrophe, Allegiance Credit Union grew by 400% and is consistently voted a Best Place to Work in Oklahoma. This year, Amy was recognized by the Oklahoma Journal Record as a “Most Admired CEO.”

Drawing on her new book about these experiences, called “Hope Is A Verb: My Journey of Impossible Transformation,” (Click on the link to purchase Amy's book on Amazon).

Amy is excited to share the lessons she learned to help you and your credit union emerge stronger.

Not available on this date and time? No worries. Those who sign up will also be emailed a link to the Webinar recording so you can watch at your convenience.

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