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Unlock the First-Time Car Buyer Market and Achieve Member Growth While Minimizing Your Loan Losses with Surety's PlusOne® Policies

Josh Minsky, President and CEO, Suretys
Walt Agius, Founder, Lendgistics

Thursday, April 20, 2023

See how Suretys and Lendgistics can help your credit union serve the underserved First-Time and Thin-File auto buying market, with Insured loan loss protection, at no-cost to Lenders 

Do you want to solve the biggest issues in serving the underserved first-time/thin file marketplace, while insuring protection against loan loss risk, while also providing competitive APR’s and terms that no one in the marketplace can compete with? Look no further. Unlock the first-time/thin-file car buyer market and achieve member growth while mitigating loan losses with Surety’s PlusOne® Policies.

What will you learn?

How your credit union can be one of the first in your market to build a competitive and safe First-Time/Thin-File auto buyer, no-cosigner needed, loan program to serve this vital and profitable underserved segment.  See why this program fits perfectly into every credit union's strategy for loan and member acquisition, and how it will help you achieve increased loan yields while mitigating loan-loss risk. At No Cost to Lenders!

Don't miss out on this opportunity to differentiate your credit union from competitors and to profitably serve these underserved member segments within your existing, and potential field of membership.

Albert Einstein said, "We aren't going to solve today's problems with the same thinking that created the problem." This new and innovative approach is an opportunity for credit unions to learn first-hand about a new solution, and to make informed decisions.

Every credit union should attend to learn how this program allows you to competitively and profitably serve this underserved segment of borrowers. The program can be up and running in 45-60 days with the peace of mind of insured protection against loan default deficiency balances (Backed by a $48Billion, A-Rated, nearly 100 year old Insurance company). 

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