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A Proven Tool for Succession Readiness from Boardroom to C-Suite

Tom Glatt, Jr., Partner/Matt Griffiths, Partner

Glatt Consulting Group, Inc.
CU Conferences' Strategic Partner

Succession planning is often on the minds of credit union board members and CEOs. What is desired by both isn’t really a plan, however, but an appropriate state of readiness. Glatt Consulting Group has spent the last few months building out a comprehensive succession readiness tool that helps boards and management better grasp credit union succession readiness, identify readiness gaps, and understand the ripple effect of potential succession decisions. In this webinar, Glatt Consulting’s Tom Glatt and Matt Griffiths will walk you through the tool, showcasing how it works and in the process teaching you how to recast succession at your credit union from a “static plan” development effort to an informed state of active succession readiness.

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Time to Rebalance: A Realignment for Growth

Scott Florini, VP of Strategy, John Mathes, Director of Retail Strategy, Brad Ritner


The financial services industry just experienced the single most transformational moment in its history. The worldwide pandemic brought the banking and retail industries to its knees as face-to-face experiences were closed. The financial services, retail, hospitality, and restaurant industries locked their doors to consumers, forcing interaction through mobile and digital channels.

Simultaneously, corporations deployed remote workplace strategies sending employees to work from home as stay-in-place orders were issued. Companies had to rapidly create a remote strategy and then deploy their workforce with little or no formal training, adequate technology, or communications protocols in place.

As a result, we have reached the tipping point which has radically altered consumer and employee behaviors forever. Organizations must now realign their retail and corporate workplace strategies to replace ones that are now obsolete or irrelevant. This reset process begins by realigning your leadership team around your new vision of the pathway forward.

Rebalance 2020 Program Highlights:

• What just happened?

• What are post-COVID19 consumer perceptions and concerns?

• How do these perceptions impact business strategy going forward?

• What are the short-term & long-term implications to the consumer experience?

• What should we do about it?

This presentation will introduce the strategic framework for a new vision to propel your credit union forward to unprecedented success.

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Beyond the Basics: Supervisory Committee Intermediate Skills

Ancin Cooley, Principal, Synergy Credit Union Consulting

In this webinar, Ancin Cooley, Principal of Synergy Credit Union Consulting and creator of the only online Self-paced Supervisory Committee course, will walk you through the month to month skills, processes, and best practices your committee needs to be fully-functional. Ancin brings his 17 years of experience as a regulator, auditor, and consultant in a entertaining and easy to understand learning format.

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The Basics of Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans

Presented by: OM Financial Team

Successfully recruiting and retaining quality executives is vital to your credit union’s long-term stability, growth and succession planning. By offering executives a benefit package that allows them to generate substantial tax-preferred retirement distributions, credit unions can accomplish all three of these goals in a cost-effective and mutually beneficial manner. There are two Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans (SERP) options for credit unions – a 457(f) or a split dollar plan. There are many nuances in each of these options and they can be very confusing. This session will walk through the basics so that you can better understand the differences between the options and how they impact both the credit union and the executive.

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Credit Union Partnerships as a Growth Vehicle

John Dearing, Partner, Capstone

Credit union leadership, management and board members will learn about trends and best practices to drive additional non-interest income. Every day, new partnerships are formed in the credit union space in order to help organizations thrive and grow. Learn how these collaborations drive market expansion, membership growth, new product offerings, and depth of member relationships plus income. Join us in this thought-provoking Webinar and open your mind to the new possibilities offered by strategic partnerships.

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Explosive Member Experiences, Especially During a Pandemic

Paul Robert, Chief Executive Officer, FI Strategies

Focusing on the member journey is key to success during normal times but it reaches a heightened sense of importance during non-normal times. Credit unions that use the next few months to truly understand their member’s journey, solidify and simplify every step, and display empathy along the way will be the ones that thrive (not just survive), in spite of the pandemic.

In this webinar, learn how to:

  • Accurately assess the member journey

  • Gather the necessary member feedback

  • Re-engineer processes to optimize the journeys

  • Display the secret sauce to success – empathy

  • Synthesize your people with each delivery channel

What worked for you prior to the pandemic will not be enough to work in the future. Your world has changed and, most importantly, your member’s world has changed. The credit unions that enhance their member’s experiences accordingly will be the ones who thrive in the “new” world.

Walk away with the following:

  • The roadmap for capturing the member experience

  • Tools for making ach process easier and faster

  • A model for building your member experience culture

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Developing Your Merger Strategy

Tom Glatt, Jr., Partner/Matt Griffiths, Partner

Glatt Consulting, Inc.

Mergers occur for many reasons. Organizations may need access to capital, a larger marketplace to fuel growth, greater diversification of customers to mitigate risk, additional leadership and job function skills, etc. Credit unions are no different. These same kinds of needs exist even in the cooperative business model environment. As a result, credit unions should always include merger as a strategy for addressing pressing needs. But to merge requires two parties that ideally complement one another. The question is, how do you find such a willing merger partner and engage them in forward looking merger dialogue?

In this Webinar, Glatt Consulting’s Tom Glatt and Matt Griffiths, help you better understand the pre-outreach and development work you need to engage in, to ensure your merger efforts are successful.

Topics to be covered during this webinar include:

  • Establishing clear and reasonable expectations;

  • Defining your merger marketplace;

  • Determining when to include and exclude remote locations;

  • Setting up your “ask”;

  • Developing people relationships;

  • Tracking your efforts.

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How to Hire the Next CEO or Be Hired as the Next CEO

Kirk Kordeleski, Executive Benefit Consultant

Tim Strandquist, Executive Benefit Consultant

OM Financial Group

Tim Strandquist, Executive Benefit Consultant with OM Financial Group and previously a recruiter for 2 of the largest credit union executive search firms and Kirk Kordeleski, Executive Benefit Consultant at OM Financial Group, previously CEO of Bethpage FCU ($9B in assets), Founder and Advisor to FinTech’s and Managing Partner of a CU Strategy and Digital Consulting Firms will present a webinar that will help prepare credit unions to hire their next CEO and help future candidates get hired as the next CEO.

In their work with credit union boards and CEOs, OM Financial find too many organizations that fail to take the right steps to prepare candidates for the top job. On the other side, too few of candidates have taken a closer look at and developed the full range of skills for what it takes to succeed as the organization’s leader.

Credit Union Boards

  • Start sooner and plan more

  • Understand the difference between being a senior leader and being a CEO

  • Give each internal candidate a tailored analysis and opportunity to bridge the gaps before the selection process begins

CEO Candidates

  • Experience Readiness – having the right qualifications for the job

  • Personal Readiness – who you are as a person, fit with the culture

  • Network Readiness – who you know inside and outside the credit union

  • Process Readiness – what to know, how to draft the questionnaire, etc.

  • Relationship Readiness – how you get along with others, leadership strengths, etc.

In addition, Strandquist and Kordeleski will discuss how the CEO interview process works and what the board and CEO candidate should look for when developing a strategic plan for the interview.

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Coaching Skills for Winning Managers

Rory Rowland, President, Rowland Consulting

Studies show that up to 75% of communication is ignored, misunderstood, or forgotten. Learn how to excel at your communication skills, leadership, and management role and discover how to build a team that works together for common goals. Receive key tools on how to coach and motivate your team to be committed to success. Don’t miss this action- and solution-focused Webinar, while learning the secrets to becoming an excellent coaching manager.

What you can expect to learn:

  • Techniques to effectively coach, saying goodbye to “shoulda, woulda, and coulda” coaching;

  • Different approaches to coach for opportunities;

  • How to motivate your team and the value of intrinsic motivation;

  • The difference between difficult conversations and conversations that uncover and solve difficulties;

  • Keys to WOW service;

  • Leadership skills that make a difference;

  • How to prevent resistance with a simple training technique;

  • How to confront challenges before they become real problems;

  • The Pygmalion Effect and if it is standing between you and your success;

  • And how to leave a legacy.

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BSA Update & Review - All participants will be Emailed a BSA Completion Certificate

Tim Quinn, President, Success from the Inside Out

This Webinar Fulfills the
equirement for Annual Director Education on BSA.

All Credit Unions must be in compliance with the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) and the board of directors is ultimately responsible for ensuring that the credit union maintains an effective internal control structure, including suspicious activity monitoring and reporting. This Webinar outlines the act, it’s purpose, it’s requirements, current updates and reporting procedures that all credit union directors are required to be familiar with. Money is the fuel for all kinds of activities, both good and “not so good”. Make sure that your credit union has the systems in place to monitor transactions and is in compliance with these Federal requirements.

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Emerging Stronger

Amy Downs, President/CEO, Allegiance Credit Union

Amy Downs survived a bomb exploding in the building of the credit union where she was working, which killed 168 people, including 18 of her 33 co-workers. Amy fell three stories and was buried alive for over six hours.

She embraced her second chance at life by adopting a growth mindset, and over the past 25 years has transformed from a college drop-out to obtaining her MBA, from a teller to CEO, from 355lbs to becoming an Ironman Finisher.

Today, Amy is President and CEO of the same credit union which was nearly destroyed. Rather than being taken down by that catastrophe, Allegiance Credit Union grew by 400% and is consistently voted a Best Place to Work in Oklahoma. This year, Amy was recognized by the Oklahoma Journal Record as a “Most Admired CEO.”

Drawing on her new book about these experiences, called “Hope Is A Verb: My Journey of Impossible Transformation,” (Click on the link to purchase Amy's book on Amazon).

Amy is excited to share the lessons she learned to help you and your credit union emerge stronger.

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How to Thrive in 2021

Kirk Kordeleski, Executive Benefits Consultant, OM Financial

Kirk Kordeleski, Executive Benefit Consultant at OM Financial Group, Previously CEO of Bethpage FCU ($9B in assets), Founder and Advisor to FinTech’s and Managing Partner of a CU Strategy and Digital Consulting Firm will present a webinar on How to Thrive in 2021.

Kirk will explore the disruption and confusion in the retail banking world that credit unions are currently operating in and will share what retail banking strategies will likely be successful in 2021. He will detail how Bethpage FCU navigated through 3 historic systemic economic shocks (9/11, Super Storm Sandy and the Great Recession). Outlining the strategic, financial and cultural strategies that created extraordinary member value, financial performance and how the credit union doubled its growth every 5 years while facing “once in a life time” obstacles to performance!

In addition, Kordeleski will present industry data on how credit unions have created a safe harbor in the perfect storm of COVID, the recession, social unrest and digital transformation. Some of these strategies have worked during previous disruptions while others are specific to the extraordinary times that we are living in. Kirk will touch on the following:

  • Creating a center of gravity for extraordinary performance

  • Foundational strategies for sustained growth during downturns

  • What to invest in during downturns and where to cut costs

  • The key aspects of how the 4th generation of industrial revolution, digital and data, will drive 2021 performance and member service

  • The potential for credit union mergers

  • Learning in a time of disruption

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Beyond Diversity: Let's Talk Inclusion

Nancy Lewis, President, Progressive Techniques, Inc.

There is a lot of discussion on diversity and inclusion and that they are intertwined. In the most basic sense, diversity is about counting people, while inclusion is about making people count. In your credit unions, it is important to recognize that inclusion is providing a sense of belonging to all the employees so they feel welcomed, respected, and valued and can contribute at the highest level of their individual and team capabilities. This session will provide insights and basic strategies for creating inclusion in your credit unions.

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How to Get to And Stay at Your Preferred Loan to Share Ratio During These Uncertain Times...And Stay There Permanently!

Walt Agius, CEO, CU Sol

Walt's Webinar, will explore the ins and outs and key benefits and opportunities of developing, maintaining and maximizing a multi-channel lending platform. He'll also be making the case for utilizing a CUSO as an aggregator for the sole purpose of generating a constant flow of quality loans for multiple credit unions.

Times are challenging today, and the Multi-Channel lending processes we’ll be discussing, will assure that as the market comes back, credit unions can be the big winners in loan origination.

This Webinar will cover all aspects of multi-channel lending, specifically:

  • Building and maintaining a sustainable, profitable indirect program . . .Any credit union can do it, and every CU should be at point of sale!

  • Ongoing Refinance Programs. . . How to generate quality refi business… From existing as well as attracting new members, within the next 30-days

  • Loan participation strategy as an originator as well as a buyer . . .

  • Utilizing social media lead sources

  • Tying into quality lead aggregators . . . Lending Tree, Credit Karma, Move CU

  • Utilizing a CUSO for all of this under one roof . . . Keeping your resources in the movement…Opportunities to benefit from your use of CUSO Services. . .

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How the Current Market Turmoil is Impacting Your SERP

Chris Jones, ChFC, CLU, CFP, Executive Benefits Specialist, OM Financial

Bruce Smith, Executive Benefits Specialist, OM Financial

Wednesday, June 10, 2020 - 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time

Per several requests, Chris and Bruce will be delivering their Webinar again. If you participated in their previous Webinar, join them again with others from your credit union as they cover:

  • Aspects of board oversight of a SERP plan

  • The risks to the credit union and the executive based on the SERP design and products utilized

  • Mitigation strategies should any material weaknesses in design or product performance be uncovered

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Disruption: There's More Coming. How the Financial Industry is and will be Disrupted - Not Just by Virus

Walter Jankowski, Reinvention Consultant, Better Dash Faster Consulting

The Coronavirus has disrupted almost every industry and person in the world. In the last 10 years, many industries have experienced “Disruptors” - companies that sprang into the marketplace and totally changed how business is done. During this Webinar, we will explore some of these trends in the financial industry that could impact your credit union. This will give you plenty of discussion items for your board room.

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Board Competencies and Succession: Impact of COVID19 on Your Board Succession Plan

Deedee Myers, PhD, Board Coaching Expert

Board succession has been a table topic for years and, overnight, and has recently escalated to a new dimension. The board succession strategy in many credit unions has been hit by an unexpected giant wrecking ball that puts many of us in question about leadership continuity and resilience. Some board members are questioning if they have the value and energy needed by the board. Others have found new levels of engagement. Is your board fast pacing your recruitment efforts? Are you a board that has passionately responded to the new call for action?

This webinar, designed for board members and CEOs, provides guidance for strategic and critical thinking about your board’s current and future competency and mindset. Use this information to be in vital and provocative, and sometimes, vulnerable, conversation.

  • What are the five competency skills sets needed in the board room?

  • Based on the new environment, how well will our current competency set serve the membership in 2025, in 2030?

  • What competencies are needed in the credit union in 2030?

  • What are we doing to ensure the right people are at the board table?

  • What are the most significant obstacles in the way of recruiting qualified board members?

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How the Current Market Turmoil is Impacting Your SERP

Chris Jones, ChFC, CLU, CFP, Executive Benefits Specialist, OM Financial

Bruce Smith, Executive Benefits Specialist, OM Financial

Join Chris and Bruce for an informative Webinar as they share their years of experience and cover:

  • Aspects of board oversight of a SERP plan

  • The risks to the credit union and the executive based on the SERP design and products utilized

  • Mitigation strategies should any material weaknesses in design or product performance be uncovered

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POST-COVID19 Roadmap: Communicating Through The Crisis AFTERSHOCKS

Casey Boggs, Crisis Expert, ReputationUs

Credit union crisis expert Casey Boggs of ReputationUs will offer credit union board of directors, marketing directors, supervisory committee members and other credit union professionals, communication and reputation management guidance on how to prepare for POST-COVID19 issues.

Prepare your credit union today for the crisis “aftershocks” of COVID19. The need to prepare now is critical so the credit union is ready to make the necessary adjustments for its staff and members.

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Retaining & Recruiting Successful Leaders

Chris Jones, ChFC, CLU, CFP, Executive Benefits Specialist

Tim Strandquist, Executive Benefits Specialist and Former Executive Recruiter

When a credit union board is able to continuously recruit and retain talented leaders throughout the organization, it truly has an advantage in the marketplace. Of course, the inverse is true as well. If this skill or focus is lacking in any way, then the credit union, employees and membership will suffer.

-What is the value of a successful leader and how do you know if you have one?

-How do you retain your leadership, what are they really looking for to make your credit union their career? (It’s a lot more than just money!)

-How do you recruit the right Executives?

-Once you have the right CEO replacement, how do you ensure a successful transition?

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