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Meet our conference speakers, each highly-regarded industry professionals. Plan to join them for timely sessions packed with fresh ideas and innovative solutions to the Issues facing today’s credit unions.

Tim Quinn

Owner, Success From The Inside Out

Based in Detroit Michigan, Tim is the president of SuccesS From The Inside Out, a training and speaking company. He delivers programs internationally on leadership, customer service, communication skills, team building, process improvement and personal development to a wide spectrum of clients.

Focusing on the credit union industry, programs include The Bank Secrecy Act, New Opportunities to Increase Membership, Responsibilities of a CU Director, Building New Leadership, Protecting Our Members From Fraud, Attracting and Keeping Loyal Members and Groundwork for Strategic Planning.

Tim brings a fresh perspective to the front of the room presenting valuable, usable, information in an understandable and entertaining format. He believes in the power of the credit union industry and promises not to waste your time.