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Meet our lineup of conference speakers, all highly-regarded industry professionals. Plan to join them for timely sessions packed with fresh ideas and innovative solutions to the Issues facing today’s credit unions.

Holly Arter

Marketing Consultant/Media Strategist, Braid Creative

Holly Arter is a marketing consultant and partner at Braid Creative, who helps businesses and organizations adapt their marketing efforts and media dollars to marketing trends – from engaging with millennials, to leveraging social media, to tapping into their best stories and their own people. Arter has twenty years of client and advertising agency experience with regional and national brands, from bootstrap to multi-million dollar budgets. Arter facilitates planning sessions with leadership and management teams, helping them better articulate their focus, understand their dream audience, and plot a vision-driven and budget-wise path to get there.

Charlotte Boutz-Connell

Director of Client Experience, Weber Marketing

Charlotte Boutz-Connell is the Director of Client Experience at Weber Marketing Group, which is dedicated to serving Financial Institutions across North America. She brings over 15 years of experience in account planning, brand strategy, and consumer insights development to guide positive outcomes for clients. She is passionate about storytelling to connect brands with audiences. Charlotte has worked across industries from global enterprise initiatives to local business startups. Her experience includes traditional advertising, social media strategies, brand building and product design innovation.

Bill Farley

Sales Manager/ Select Sales, CUNA Mutual Group

Bill Farley is currently a Sales Manager-Select for CUNA Mutual Group in Madison, Wisconsin. He leads a sales team of 12 executives who provide superior service to more than 800 credit unions in the eastern United States.

Bill joined CUNA Mutual in 2001 as Division Manager of Business Development. He was promoted to Regional Vice President of Lending for the Southeast Marketing Division in 2004, and he accepted his current position in 2006. Bill is based in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Previously, Bill spent 13 years as President & Chief Executive Officer of Central Virginia Federal Credit Union, and he worked for five years as Vice President & City Executive for North Carolina State Employees Credit Union.

Sundeep Kapur

Founder/Educator, Digital Credence

Sundeep is an educator focused on helping brands enhance consumer engagement. His insight driven presentations have helped many financial institutions define and implement a successful strategy for 2020 and beyond. He continues with his efforts to research and enhance learning to make it actionable and relevant.

Mr. Kapur currently chairs a digital advisory strategy council, focused on giving financial executives practical and innovating ideas on defining their consumer engagement strategy – branch transformation, digital integration, and the mobile wallet.

“Keep it relevant, keep them engaged and you will nurture your way to be the primary financial institution”.

Tara Street

Brand Strategist/Creative Director, Braid Creative

Tara Street is a brand strategist and co-founder of Braid Creative, specializing in finding and sharing the stories of purposeful businesses. Street helps teams uncover their best brand messages – the ones that come from a blend of who they are as people as much as their service or product. Street has twenty years of branding and ad agency experience, from creating campaigns for billion dollar financial institutions, to founding a business that specializes in guiding a new generation of creative entrepreneurs – both approaches based on the magic mix of the people + the product, at the heart of every brand story.

Ethan Wall

President/CEO, Social Media Law and Order Education, LLC

Ethan is a nationally recognized expert in social media and the law. As a social media attorney, professor, author, and keynote speaker, Ethan has delivered speeches to thousands of attorneys, financial institution executives, and human resource professionals worldwide through his live and online multi-media programs.

He has authored six books, including The Social Media Guide for Lawyers and Should You Fire over Facebook? and has delivered over 100 continuing education programs on subjects relating to social media, ethics, compliance, and the law. CNN and NPR regularly turn to Ethan for commentary on social media legal issues.

The Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce named Ethan the 2016 Entrepreneur of the Year and The Florida Bar named him the 2015 Most Productive Young Lawyer of the Year.