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Board Competencies and Succession: Impact of COVID19 on Your Board Succession Plan

Deedee Myers, PhD, Board Coaching Expert

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Board succession has been a table topic for years and, overnight, and has recently escalated to a new dimension. The board succession strategy in many credit unions has been hit by an unexpected giant wrecking ball that puts many of us in question about leadership continuity and resilience. Some board members are questioning if they have the value and energy needed by the board. Others have found new levels of engagement. Is your board fast pacing your recruitment efforts? Are you a board that has passionately responded to the new call for action?

This webinar, designed for board members and CEOs, provides guidance for strategic and critical thinking about your board’s current and future competency and mindset. Use this information to be in vital and provocative, and sometimes, vulnerable, conversation.

  • What are the five competency skills sets needed in the board room?
  • Based on the new environment, how well will our current competency set serve the membership in 2025, in 2030?
  • What competencies are needed in the credit union in 2030?
  • What are we doing to ensure the right people are at the board table?
  • What are the most significant obstacles in the way of recruiting qualified board members?

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How the Current Market Turmoil is Impacting Your SERP

Chris Jones, ChFC, CLU, CFP, Executive Benefits Specialist, OM Financial

Bruce Smith, Executive Benefits Specialist, OM Financial

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Join Chris and Bruce for an informative Webinar as they share their years of experience and cover:

  • Aspects of board oversight of a SERP plan
  • The risks to the credit union and the executive based on the SERP design and products utilized
  • Mitigation strategies should any material weaknesses in design or product performance be uncovered

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POST-COVID19 Roadmap: Communicating Through The Crisis AFTERSHOCKS

Casey Boggs, Crisis Expert, ReputationUs

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Credit union crisis expert Casey Boggs of ReputationUs will offer credit union board of directors, marketing directors, supervisory committee members and other credit union professionals, communication and reputation management guidance on how to prepare for POST-COVID19 issues.

Prepare your credit union today for the crisis “aftershocks” of COVID19. The need to prepare now is critical so the credit union is ready to make the necessary adjustments for its staff and members.

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Retaining & Recruiting Successful Leaders

Chris Jones, ChFC, CLU, CFP, Executive Benefits Specialist

Tim Strandquist, Executive Benefits Specialist and Former Executive Recruiter

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When a credit union board is able to continuously recruit and retain talented leaders throughout the organization, it truly has an advantage in the marketplace. Of course, the inverse is true as well. If this skill or focus is lacking in any way, then the credit union, employees and membership will suffer.

-What is the value of a successful leader and how do you know if you have one?

-How do you retain your leadership, what are they really looking for to make your credit union their career? (It’s a lot more than just money!)

-How do you recruit the right Executives?

-Once you have the right CEO replacement, how do you ensure a successful transition?

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How to Get to And Stay at Your Preferred Loan to Share Ratio During These Uncertain Times...And Stay There Permanently!

Walt Agius, CEO, CU Sol

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Walt's Webinar, will explore the ins and outs and key benefits and opportunities of developing, maintaining and maximizing a multi-channel lending platform. He'll also be making the case for utilizing a CUSO as an aggregator for the sole purpose of generating a constant flow of quality loans for multiple credit unions.

Times are challenging today, and the Multi-Channel lending processes we’ll be discussing, will assure that as the market comes back, credit unions can be the big winners in loan origination.

This Webinar will cover all aspects of multi-channel lending, specifically:

  • Building and maintaining a sustainable, profitable indirect program . . .Any credit union can do it, and every CU should be at point of sale!
  • Ongoing Refinance Programs. . . How to generate quality refi business… From existing as well as attracting new members, within the next 30-days
  • Loan participation strategy as an originator as well as a buyer . . .
  • Utilizing social media lead sources
  • Tying into quality lead aggregators . . . Lending Tree, Credit Karma, Move CU
  • Utilizing a CUSO for all of this under one roof . . . Keeping your resources in the movement…Opportunities to benefit from your use of CUSO Services. . .

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Planning in a New Paradigm

Tom Glatt, Jr., Principal/Strategy Consultant, Glatt Consulting, Inc.

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There are three planning exercises that, while old school, are extremely valuable given the rapidly evolving, uncertain world we find ourselves facing today. These tools, known by the acronyms PEST, SWOT, and VRIO, combine to offer a solid planning construct for consideration of future risks and response.

During this Webinar, Glatt Consulting's, Tom Glatt, will provide an overview of each of these tools, and offer guidance to credit union board and management team members on how to deploy them for effective planning in today's disconnected environment.

If you missed Tom Glatt, Jr's. Webinar, you can register to receive a download of the Webinar for only $49.