Hawaiian Luau & Buffet

Optional Hawaiian Luau and Buffet*

A constant among the vast generations of Hawaiians & Polynesians is the ocean tide. The tide linking all of Oceania, Te Au Moana; shares the ancestral storytelling of the people of Maui and the Pacific through lavish songs & dances.

We invite you to enjoy an extraordinary Luau experience like no other. The Polynesians held great knowledge of the earth and its life giving elements. Their expert skills of fishing, gathering, gift giving, romance; tapa making (bark cloth) are brilliantly demonstrated and shared at Maui’s newest luau experience.

If you forgot to purchase your tickets when you registered for the conference, call Karen at 888-465-6010 to purchase tickets.


Adults 13+: $115 per person

Children 5 - 12: $65 per person

Children 4 and younger: Free

Please Note: Tickets may not be available for purchase at the conference.